Personal hygiene and beauty are two of the most important and necessary factors in one’s life, it helps in many ways; prevents you from unknown and bad infections, illness, keeps your body clean, healthy and glowing, etc. Packaging plays a major role in preserving the contents present in these hygiene and beauty products at its best and finest state by providing exciting shelf life to the product; so that, all the minerals, vitamins and additives are completely delivered to the body in the way they are supposed to. As rightly said “A healthy environment leads to a healthy living and a strong economy” .It is obvious that, if our surroundings are clean, we feel relaxed, pleasant and delighted.Here the requirement is excellent machine ability, easy tear and good moisture barrier. Suitable laminate structure is known to us to meet customers’ need.

Special Features

  •  Excellent machine ability
  •  Easy tear properties
  •  High barrier properties